It might just have launched last week, but Nintendo’s latest Pokemon game is already proving quite popular. Did it get a little too popular, though? Gamers from the world over all seem to be downloading it now. However, some have already reported sightings of Pokemon Go fake apps.

The demand for Pokemon Go has already gone through the roof in the last couple of days. Nintendo’s servers just aren’t able to keep up. The game also remains unavailable for most countries. Because of the location restrictions and the recent server crashes, some gamers have turned to other means of downloading the app.

Most gamers use android application packages (APK) to work around the given restrictions. However, they might just be better off waiting for Nintendo to fix the glitches in their system. According to security firm Proofpoint, these backdoor channels could do players and their phones more harm than good.

One APK link going around online, in particular, would reportedly install a back door called DroidJack to the user’s phone. Back doors are quite dangerous. They are able to bypass security mechanisms and access any computer program on that device.

Proofpoint found the infected Pokemon Go app just three days after the game’s launch in Australia and New Zealand. According to the security firm, the fake app would look quite different compared to the official version. However, would-be players who don’t know better might just download it by mistake.

Another security firm, ESET, meanwhile found Pokemon Go fake apps in the Google Play store itself. The apps Guide & Cheats for Pokemon GO and Install Pokemongo both trick users into paying for services you won’t actually need for the game.

Another app, Pokemon Go Ultimate, is an even bigger threat, though. It looks just like the official game, but it is able to lock the device’s screen on startup. The app would then overlay itself over your device’s system windows. According to ESET, a simple reboot won’t fix things once the app is in place. Even after a reboot, it would still be able to click on porn ads in the background.