Pokemon GO has created an array of aspiring trainers around the world. But in order to master the game, one must learn tricks and tips from time to time. Readers who are also crazy about the latest free-to-play mobile game may want to know ways to finding Poke Stops and Gyms.

Well, of course, the aim of the players of the augmented reality game is to catch ’em all. But in order to reach higher levels, they must battle in Gyms and purchase items.

So, how to locate those important areas nearby? Touch Arcade provided one big secret to easily track Poke Stops and Gyms.

Niantic’s other game, Ingress, holds the key. The game is quite the same as Pokemon GO. Ingress has a “fully-browsable portal of online maps” which the latter does not have.

To get hold of the map, players must have an Ingress by signing in using a Google account. Then, click on the web page  once Ingress recognizes the player’s Google account.

The picture shown on the website indicates that the blue markings are where the Poke Stops and Gyms are. They advised downloading some essential plugins so the page will load faster.

There it is for those who want to locate them easily. On the other hand, Game Rant got a guide on how to effectively take advantage of the Poke Stops.

There are several types of items which are helpful for the gamers. The website provided a list but the game might do some changes in the future.

Players should note that Pokeballs and Eggs are offered up until the player reaches level 5. Meanwhile, the hunters can buy the rest of the items listed at any level.

They recommend that players should buy a Lure Module. Basically, they noted that Lure Modules “are souped-up versions of the Incense consumable that center their effect around a Poke stop, rather than an individual player.”

Players can get these modules at the in-game shop for 100 Pokecoins for one module, or 680 Pokecoins for six. They can also acquire these as rewards upon reaching a required level.

Cannot get enough of the Pokemon GO craze? Stay tuned for more tricks, tips, and updates in the future.