Pokemon GO is now available in some parts of the globe. Players can now grab the latest mobile game via iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play. But first, players may check the following criteria.

The free-to-play augmented reality game is now available in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand only. Meanwhile, it appears that the game will soon invade North America and Europe as well.

Pokemon GO allows mobile users to catch Pokemon using their smartphones. The device will vibrate each time it senses a Pokemon nearby, notes Eurogamer. Players must toss a Pokeball to catch it.

But more than that, CNET notes that Pokemon players can also battle other trainers and fight for control of Pokemon Gym locations.

Meanwhile, those who are living in the said areas can already download the game. Those who will encounter trouble searching for “Pokemon” may search for “Niantic” instead.

Niantic Labs developed the most recent game. Known as an ex-Google startup, the company previously worked on a similar map-based, GPS-powered game called Ingress.

Want to know more tips and hints? The developer stated that a certain Pokemon will appear near its native environment.

For example, water-type Pokemon might appear near lakes, oceans, and other bodies of water. Niantic also hints that Pokeshops may be found at interesting places like museums and art installations.

Niantic also provided a complete online instruction manual for those who want to have it handy. On the other hand, many are still wondering when will be the global release.

Slash Gear speculates that the worldwide release for Pokemon GO will be on July 13. However, Nintendo and Niantic have not confirmed the date yet. A Reddit user claimed that those who are in other regions can download the game thru this link.

In other news, PC Advisor confirms Pokemon Sun and Moon release date in November. New characters include Tapu Koko, Vikavolt, Drampa and Cutiefly.

More news about Pokemon GO and Pokemon Sun and Moon in the coming days.