Stop for a second, if you thought “Pokemon Go” was a simple game to pass the time. Think again as everything changes once you reach Level 5.

At this level, each player has the option to join one of three teams in “Pokemon Go,” i.e., Team Mystic (Yellow), Team Valor (Red), and Team Instinct (Blue). Mind you, this is not a decision to take lightly since your choice can’t be undone. Moreover, it’s a prerequisite to move on in the game. Thus, it’s best to be prepared when Professor Willow asks you to choose a team. One of his three assistants leads each gym-battling team.

Spark leads Team Instinct aka the yellow team and its mascot is the mythical bird Zapdos. As the team name suggests, Spark relies on intuition and total confidence in your innate talent. Thus, if you have full trust in your gut feeling then this could be the team for you.

Considered the smartest of the lot, Blanche leads Team Mystic aka the blue team. Their interest lies mainly in evolution. Their intellect also adds a level of cool that can intimidate an opponent. Hence, if you want to find out the science behind every Pokémon and can keep calm under pressure, then this could be your team. Articuno, the icy legendary, is their team mascot.

As their mascot, bird legendary Moltres suggests fire, so does Team Valor aka the red team. Like their leader Candela, this team is about spunk. She believes training is essential to becoming the best Pokémon master ever. This means creating a bond with your Pokémon to learns and take advantage of their strengths.

Once you have chosen a team, it’s time to go out once again and look for gyms to do battle. Henceforth, every battle you fight is for the team. Remember, “No Pokémon trainer is an island, not in Pokemon Go,” Polygon wrote.