By now, most gamers and Pokemon fans alike have already caught the Pokemon Go bug. If one’s to guess, ‘Pokemon Go cheats’ could be one of the most searched term by players to aid them in the quest to Pokemaster greatness.

While many would look for the best ways to catch ’em all, another thing gamers may be concerned about are locations.

During this week alone, news have reported the weirdest–if not shocking–places Pokemon Go users were led to. If you were more of a house hermit before Pokemon Go arrived in your life, here’s a small guide to locations for the game. This guide could help you organize your Pokemon Go adventure properly.

Polygon reports that Niantic’s other online location-based game, “Ingress”, is key to better familiarize with Go’s locations. According to the source, “Ingress” users contributed a large chunk of location data which now serves as basis for GO stops.

If you’ve been a player of “Ingress” before, the you probably already know all this. However, if you’re a beginner, no need to fret! Here’s how you can gain access to a global intel map, via Polygon:

1. Install “Ingress” into your phone
2. Set up an account
3. Log in to the “Ingress” website
4. Download a browser extension (Ingress Intel Total Conversion) which leads to Pokemon Go-related stops being highlighted out of the whole intel map

Pokemon Go cheats: What else on locations?

Gaining access to the “Ingress” map is surely a huge step for you to find Gyms and Poke Stops easier. However, if you’re still grasping on using that one, Gizmodo lists the strangest places where Pokemon Go players discovered stops and gyms. We relay them below.

1. Somewhere WAY too obvious

If you’re a GO player in Hawaii and somewhere near the Waipahu area, then a Poke Stop is hiding in plain sight. Notice that restaurant called Poke Stop? Yeah.

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2. Somewhere NSFW

If you’re old enough–and comfortable/allowed–to go in a strip club, then you could check some of these places out. Apparently, Gizmodo details that a number of strip clubs made it in the map as Poke Stops.

3. Somewhere not for the faint-hearted

Gizmodo reports that some users were also led to gravestones and mausoleums. If ghost hunting is also you’re thing, then visiting these places for Pokemon Go is hitting two birds with one stone.

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Know of any Pokemon Go cheats not yet covered? Let us know and we’ll share it! Stay safe in catching ’em all!