Niantic Labs introduced a new update with Pokemon GO which offers a few changes to the game. With the introduction of new features, could there be hidden Pokemon GO cheats in there somewhere?

It seems unlikely, but the game indeed brings a lot of notable tweaks. Depending on players’ preference, the changes may be favorable to some, but unwelcome to others.

Patricia Hernandez of Kotaku reports on these new features, which we relay below.

1. Safety first

Players who are working around the “walking” requirement of the game by playing it while riding/driving are continuously reminded to stay safe through a dialogue box of warning. This goes without saying that the game recognizes if a trainer covers distance at an abnormal speed.

2. Battery saver mode

Trainers can now enjoy longer game time as the battery saver mode feature is back. The issue’s features are also resolved.

3. Change of heart, change nickname

If you chose your current nickname at a rush and now regrets it, then you got one chance to redeem yourself. Niantic has enabled trainers to change their nicknames for another try.

4. Nearby out, Sightings in

While most of the fixes and improved features are minimal, another comes as a major one. Instead of the Nearby function which shows Pokemon types that are in the area, a new variation is in place. Niantic calls it Sightings. Kotaku’s Patricia Hernandez was able to test the new function and shares that it focuses on showing Pokemon that are in the “immediate general area”.

Pokemon GO cheats

In terms of cheats, the new update does not seem to offer more room for any workarounds. The persistence of the game’s dialogue box reminding trainers not to drive is certainly annoying for players trying to hatch eggs while riding a vehicle instead of covering distance by walking.

However, for the very dedicated ones who really walk instead of cheat, a great advice from Lifehacker focuses on the way you walk. According to website, walking a straight line potentially registers a higher distance covered than walking in circles since provides higher accuracy in distance measurement.

So players who are trying to cover distance circling sports ovals may register less distance covered than those walking blocks apart.

Stay tuned for any new information or updates on Pokemon GO cheats.