Pokémon Go cheats PokéVision may need to update their map for Pokéstops real soon.

After complaints from several historical spots reached the Pokemon Company, the game finally responded to  the removal requests. Pokéstops in the game are refresher points for players where one can get free items such as eggs and Pokéballs.

During the first few days of the game’s release, the U.S. Holocaust Museum and Arlington has asked the Pokéstops from the vicinity to prevent eager and dedicated players from looking for Pokémon while inside the museum.

Earlier reports also indicate other historical sites such as the Museum of Ground Zero in New York and even a hospital in Netherlands.

The hospital found Pokémon Go players trying to access restricted hospital areas in search of Pokémon. To remind Pokémon Go players, the hospital sent out a tweet tailored for the Pokémon Go players, The Guardian reports. The tweet said “There is a sick pokémon in the AMC-we will take good care of it. We would appreciate it if you do not visit it.”

To be fair, even Nurse Joy will recommend Pokémon Go trainers to let the hospital do its job in curing real human patients and virtual Pokémons alike in peace.

Meanwhile, weeks after the Pokéstop complaints, Pokémon Go Company’s consumer marketing director J.C. Smith has confirmed that the game developers are working to remove those sites which asked for removal from the game. He further added that while Pokémon Go’s goal is to provide accessibility, the company also understands some private and historical institutions perspective on it.

To prove their sincerity, the game has already removed the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum as a Pokéstop from the game. Even Pokémon Go cheats real-time live map Pokévision has removed it

While some notable places clamored to be removed, Sydney Opera House is happy to be included as a Pokéstop. It’s good news especially for Sydneysiders. After the successful Pokéwalk which attracted more than a thousand Pokémon Go players, the Sydney Opera House management even showed support by dropping free lures on a Wednesday to attract visitors and Pokémon alike.

So for all Sydneysiders out there, feel free to visit your Pokéstop anyday. You might even find Pokémon galore courtesy of the management.