If you are tired of fruitless Pokémon GO hunts, this is one of those Pokémon GO cheats you’ll surely be thrilled to find. PokéVision has devised a map that pinpoints exactly where Pokémons are at a certain time.

PokéVision: What Is It?

PokéVision is a Pokémon tracker for Pokémon Go. It uses Niantic’s API to track down the location of Pokémon. Not only does it display Pokémon location real time, it also indicates the time left for a Pokémon’s appearance. However, it does not reflect Pokémon surfacing due to lures or incense.

The PokéVision also suffer from server failure from time to time along with Pokémon Go. Though PokéVision has developed a workaround by scaling, it is still facing difficulties due to the expansive scope of the Pokémon Go game.

PokéVision Debate: To Cheat or Not To Cheat

It is explicitly stated in the Pokémon Go’s Terms of Service that any form of data mining is generally prohibited. However, Niantic committed a glaring mistake, which is to leave the Pokémon Go API free for anyone to explore. As of this writing, Niantic is yet to fix its open API and take down the site’s PokéVision.

Using PokéVision or any of the other Pokémon Go cheats on tracking also takes away the real thrill of discovery and hunting, which is what Pokémon Go is all about.

While players are on the fence about this one, the tool is still available. Until Niantic fixes its API and has the site and others like it shut down, it will all depend on players on whether they will use or abuse the tool.

PokéVision: How It Works

Now if you are still curious about this Pokémon Go cheat, here’s how it works.

All a player has to do is go to the site and type the zipcode or location. You will see the Pokémon icon and its time available before it disappears.

If you are not familiar with where you are but can find it on a map, you can use the Scan feature. All you have to do is drop the marker on a certain location and select “Scan.”

As with all the other Pokémon Go cheats you encounter, use at your own risk.