The number of Pokemon Go cheats flourished since the game’s release. Yet if you are one of the few who cannot seem to get ahead despite these helpful hints, then why not try a few crazy tricks? Who knows, these might work for you.

1. Let Technology Lend You a Hand
The limitations set by the app in terms of speed and location cancels out the use of the car or treadmill. Hence, why not go airborne with a drone. As it turns out, this piece of technology can be set to match a human’s pace. Thus, it could be a good alternative to hatching an egg, surmised.

2. Hail a Pokemon Go driver
Then again, if you are in Newcastle, try to get in touch with driver Mathew Wrightman. He offers rides to players at a rate of AU $ 30 an hour. For an additional AU $ 5 per hour, you can charge your phone in his car if the need arises.

Colin Chapman from Campbelltown had the same idea. Initially he meant it as a joke. However, he’s reconsidered that thought since he’s received offers from gamers.

“It was actually a bit of a joke at first, but I figured if someone wanted to pay me $30 an hour to drive them around while they catch Pokémon, they were welcome to,” Chapman said.

3. Employing Man’s Best Friend
By now, most players have likely walked the distance to hatch an egg. While this might be the conventional approach, how about an alternative method that could benefit you and your pooch. Strap the phone securely to your dog’s back and let it run about the backyard for a bit of exercise.

4. Introducing Pokewalk
This San Francisco company aims to take the pressure of walking off the hands of gamers. Hence, they offer a variety of walking distances at specific rates.

5. Give GPS Spoofing a Try
Among the Pokemon Go Cheats, this particular trick could prove helpful with the aid of a third party application. However, as with all cheats it is best to proceed with caution.