If there’s an honorable way to do Pokémon Go cheats, it’s this player’s way. In an effort to determine how many hours it will take for a Pokémon Go player to reach level 40, a Reddit user with a Pokémon Go handle Raindr0pz created a bot to help him.

In his post in a Reddit sub dedicated to Pokémon Go players, he dropped some insights on how to reach level 40 and gain the right amount of XP points needed to reach the holy grail of levels—level 40.

One needs 20 million XP for level 40.

After reaching level 40, Ra1ndr0pz calculated that his XP gain per hour was 280,000XP. He also admitted that even though he was using a bot, he still had some difficulty accumulating the 5 million XP requirement to reach level 40 from 39.

A total of 131 eggs were hatched in order to reach Pokémon Go level 40.

The account used 5×25 egg packs, ending with 224 Pokémon collected out of 600.

No gym owners were harmed in the making of this level 40 account.

Despite battling at lower levels, Ra1ndr0pz admitted that he did not battle at the higher levels and never with Pokémon the bot caught, thus sticking to his original purpose of just finding out what it’s like at level 40.

Ra1ndr0pz’ level 40 showed 7,367 Pokéstops visited, with the bot helping 5,616 stops per hour.

The bot also helped Ra1ndr0pz visit more than 5,000 Pokéstops per hour. However, the eggs mainly helped the account reach level 40.

Instead of an unlimited incubator, level 40 had lucky eggs for a bonus reward.

Since the level cap is at 40 right now, this level 40 treat may be a clue that Niantic is yet to push higher levels for the level cap. Since the game has not been released yet worldwide, there is a speculation that level 40 is not the end all and be all of the game. This is both good news and bad news for Pokémon Go trainers.

The Master Ball remains a locked feature of the game, along with the highly desired unlimited incubator.

Ra1ndr0pz’ account has since been scheduled for deletion. Sticking to his word that the account with the bot was made and played just to see what level 40 looks like, he has since refrained from answering and aiding other Pokémon Go cheats questions regarding the bot.