When Pokémon Go was launched in select countries while the rest of the world felt frustrated after the hype it created. After the Pokémon Go gave out under the load, Niantic Labs had to pause its global roll out. If you’re one of those frustrated ones, here are some Pokémon Go cheats to work around the system and play it even if you’re not in the select countries. As with all the cheating methods, read and proceed at your own risk.


Sideloading the app means instead of going to the App Store, one downloads a copy from a website that has the files. File-sharing networks also have versions of the app. Since the Pokémon Go app is free for everyone, side loading is not technically piracy.

APK Mirror for Android users

APK Mirror is one of the most popular sites to sideload the Pokémon Go app. Quartz reports that due to Pokémon Go’s release, the site visit increased sixfold. However, using APK Mirror became increasingly hard as Niantic Labs tightened its lid on the app restrictions. Furthermore, ProofPoint found a malware called DroidJack.


The malware breaches your phone’s security without you knowing. It views all the messages on a device and listens to all voice calls and recording on one’s phone. It also uses your camera and gets your GPS location information.

While the malware’s existence does not affect the Pokémon Go app itself, the malware’s security breach poses security risks for the device owners. It can be used to hack your device. Fortunately, there is a way to check whether your APK Mirror-installed app is infected or not.

To check whether your app is the DroidJack version, all you need to do is check the permissions for the app. If it contains any of the following, then your app contains the malware. The permissions will include the app to record audio, call anyone’s number on your phone directly, check your web history and bookmarks and look at your call logs.

Another way to check is to cross-reference the hash that the official Pokémon Go app has against your app’s hash. If it’s different, then chances are, you have a DroidJack-infected app.

Meanwhile, for those who already have the official app, you can find Pokémon Go cheats here. Again, as stated earlier, apply Pokémon Go cheats at your own risk.