Here is the reason why sometimes going for Pokémon GO cheats is good. A teenager finds not a Pokémon but a corpse on her journey to capture Pokémon.

Shayla Wiggins, a 19-year-old resident of Riverton in Lander, Wyoming, was out and about to find water-based Pokémon. As luck would have it, their house is located beside a river. Scouting for Pokémon on her Pokémon Go app, she went to inspect the Wind River at around 8:40 am last Saturday. On her way to the bridge, she saw something floating. It took her a second look to ascertain it was a corpse.

She found the body floating face down with only the back and the butt visible. The corpse, which turned out to be male, was dressed in all black. As it dawned upon her, she called 911, and the authorities quickly came to the scene.

The police department has ruled it out as a suicide case as there were no signs of foul play in the crime scene. Meanwhile, Shayla was left shaken by the incident. In her quest to find water-based Pokémon, she found a dead corpse instead.

The corpse was found floating in three feet of water, the local authorities said. Since the body was found in the boundaries of three areas, three police agencies are working on the mysterious case. The County Sheriff is currently leading the case while FBI and the Riverton Police Department are helping.

As of writing the identity of the Pokémon Go corpse is unknown.

Meanwhile, Shayla is still reeling from the discovery. Upon the authorities’ arrival, she had to explain what she was doing in the area.

As Pokémon Go’s augmented reality app requires the player to roam around looking for Pokémon, Shayla climbed over their fence to get closer to the river to look for a wild water-based Pokémon. Though Pokémon Go has enforced a GPS-based tracking system, some players have found Pokémon Go cheats to circumvent the requirement.

In Shayla’s case, this might be useful until the shock of the recent incident subsides. Meanwhile, even Australian authorities have warned Pokémon Go users to still be vigilant of their surroundings while on their Pokemon hunt.