Eevee is one of the most popular Pokemon species out there. However, in Nintendo’s newest game, this particular Pokemon remains one of the hardest characters to obtain, train and evolve. Will Pokemon Go cheats help make dealing with Eevee a little less hard?

Pokemon Go allows players to hunt for and collect virtual monsters in real-life locations. One way to do that is to collect Pokemon eggs. These eggs will only hatch after a given player has walked the prescribed distance.  Once a starter Pokemon’s hatched from it’s egg, the player will now have the option to evolve it using candies.

Players can often tell which Pokemon their starter ones will evolve into.  If you feed it enough Pikachu candy, your starter Pokemon will eventually turn into get Raichu. Meanwhile, a starter Charmander will always evolve into Charmeleon. Eevee is a little bit different from other Pokemon in this regard, though.

Unlike other Pokemon species, Eevee has three possible evolutions — or rather, Eeveelutions. Evolving Eevee usually yields random results. However, according to some Reddit users, things need not be so random after all.

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Any player can reportedly choose which Eeveelution their starter Pokemon would take. All a player has to do is name his or her Eevee after one of the three Eevee Brothers from the original anime. If you name your Eevee Rainer, your Eevee will turn into Vaporeon. If you name it Pyro, it will turn into Flareon. If you name it Sparky, on the other hand, your Eevee will turn into Jolteon.

Eevee requires 25 pieces of candy to evolve. But before that, it will reportedly not hatch from its egg until a player walks at least ten kilometers. If you do not want to walk, though, there’s still an option: you can always use one of the hacks listed here.

Check out how to pull off one of these Pokemon Go cheats below.

Did this Eevee hack work for you? Watch this space for more nifty, little Pokemon Go cheats and tricks.