Nintendo’s latest game allows players to be real-life trainers to virtual creatures. It lets them catch and train Pokemon in gyms located in real-life landmarks. Competition is quite fierce among the game app users. Players have been scouring the internet for Pokemon Go cheats and tricks in order to “be the best like no one ever was.” But should people stop trying so hard now? Did they already find the the Best Pokemaster in the world this week?

According to Gizmodo Australia, the world’s best Pokemon Go player remains elusive at the moment. It could still be you. However, the title for world’s “most dedicated” trainer might not be up for grabs any longer.

Michael Baker, a twenty-one year old from Forest Grove, Oregon just might be the player who’s shown the most dedication to the game. Or at least, he showed he was completely willing to risk his life to play it.

According to Telegraph, Baker refused medical treatment even after being stabbed. He chose to continue playing instead. The game itself might have caused his injuries as well.

Baker was out at around 1 in the morning, looking for game items to collect. He then came across a stranger he mistook for a fellow Pokemon Go trainer. The stranger stabbed him on the shoulder when he tried to challenge him to a battle.

Baker has had eight stitches because of the incident, but he remained chill throughout. “I basically risked my life,” he recalled. “I saw him go by and asked if he was playing Pokémon Go. He was like ‘what?’ I guess he wanted to battle because he came up at me with a knife… Right after [being] stabbed, I continued my mission to Plaid Pantry for my mission for chips and beer.”

Baker is not the first person to run into trouble while playing Pokemon Go, though. Nintendo itself has reminded players to always be mindful of where they are going.

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