The following are technically not Pokémon Go cheats. These can instead be considered tricks done by expert gamers who know the rules of the game. Try these Pokémon Go cheats to level up faster and be the best Pokémon trainer you can be!

Level Up Faster with a Flock of Pidgeys

Some Pokémon trainers may feel bad after scouring their areas and find the same Pokémon repeatedly. While most players aim to get the rarest catch, having a number of the same Pokémon may actually help you reach a level faster. You may opt to keep them or send them to Professor Willow. By keeping them and evolving them, you will get 500 XP which means you’ll be closer to the next level. If, however, you choose to send them to Professor Willow, you will be rewarded with candy. Use the candies to evolve your chosen Pokémon and get valuable XP points.

Get Higher XP with Curve Ball Bonuses

You get curve ball bonuses after catching Pokémon in a certain way. First, drag the Pokéball closer to you, make it go round a couple of times. When the sparks start to come out, that’s when you throw your Pokéball at the Pokémon. Earning curve ball bonuses means the XP you earn for every Pokémon you catch is higher.

Pay Attention to the Ring Color

Aside from the curve ball bonus, pay attention to the color of the ring when it appears as you try and catch the Pokémon. This will help you determine the difficulty of catching the Pokémon. Green means it’s an easy catch. Yellow tells you it’s a little harder to catch while red means it will really require you some skill to catch it.

Never Use Stardust

While you’re still at levels 1-11, using Stardust on your Pokémon is a waste of this precious resource. As Pokémon Go rules go, Stardust is most useful for your top level Pokémon. The Stardust also do not affect the low level Pokémon so using it on them will be a waste. Thus, let your Stardust accumulate and use it when you’re level 12 at least, Fraghero notes.

Hatching Rather Than Catching

Though most players will opt to find and catch rare Pokémon, hatching the eggs may be the best way to have a rare Pokémon. Aside from having pride in raising it yourself from scratch, hatching eggs will reward you with more Stardust and candies to nurture your pet Pokémons.

With these Pokémon Go cheats, or should we say tricks, go out there and be the best trainer like no one ever was!