Pokemon GO cheats plagued the Internet ever since the game launched in select countries. These cheats helped many players gain access to very rare Pokemons, and at times level up faster than the rest. Among the known cheats are GPS spoofing and using bots. However, happy days of Pokemon Go cheaters will soon be over.

Recent reports on the matter suggest that Niantic Labs is no longer tolerating these cheating methods. Instead, any player who violates the game’s conditions will be permanently banned.

In a note posted by their official website, Niantic Labs named the following as some of the violations.

1. Falsifying locations
2. Using emulators
3. Modified or unofficial software and/or accessing Pokémon GO clients or backends in an unauthorized manner

Although the items on the list are the main things to look out for, it’s not all of them. Niantic can still ban players for other possible violations.

Not a Pokemon GO cheater? You’re still at risk!

However, players abiding by the rules are still at risk of a ban. According to The Verge, the company offers an appeal form for these individuals. If you were issued a ban yet you were playing by the rules and terms, you need to submit an appeal.

You can check out the company’s request form to appeal your accidental termination here.

The article by The Verge also relays that users can’t seem to figure out what other things can result in a ban. However, the source noted that some players advises others to stay away from third-party APIs.

Some of these third party applications allow players to mask their real location for a preferred one.

Other bans noticed by players

However, even before Niantic issued their permanent ban warning, players noticed some soft bans in their game. In a Reddit thread, the following were listed:

1. Spinning Pokestops gives nothing, and Pokemon runs on the first ball
2. All Pokestops stay out of range, and no Pokemon ever spawn

If you have encountered these yet you’re playing legitimately, there must be something wrong in your game. Better check with Niantic by sending a request form. Of course it could always be just about your GPS or connection, but better be sure.

Check back for more news on Pokemon Go updates and bans.