Pokemon GO has been a popular trend that even celebrities are going crazy about it. Guess who the media spotted in NYC to catch Pokemon? It is no other than Justin Bieber.

Yes, the augmented reality game amazes The Biebs. So far, he reached the headlines for playing the latest mobile game with his crew.

Sources from Tech Insider were filming interviews in Central Park when they saw the Sorry singer. They thought that Bieber is just doing a publicity stunt but it looks like he really is catching a Pokemon.

More than that, the Canadian artist spent 20 minutes in one of the Poke Stops before exploring the park. His fans were quick to notice him so almost everyone was star struck.

According to the outlet, the singer is at the right spot. The Grand Army Plaza, which is at the corner of 60th Street and 5th Avenue in Manhattan, is kind the “nexus” of Pokemon GO in the city.

But was he able to catch a rare Pokemon? Well, Bieber did not disclose anything about his level. However, the insiders overheard him joking that “he is the rarest Pokemon.”

Aside from Justin Bieber, the press also spotted Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach in NY streets playing Pokemon GO. A previous report also applauded the Filipina beauty queen’s dedication.

The beauty queen was on her way to watch a film but she realized that it is too early. So, she decided to play the game in the busy streets of New York.

It looks like the craze is going to invade more countries and going to impress more celebrities as well. In just a couple of weeks, various reports about the interactive game have been in the headlines.

Those of you who are still no idea about how the game works may read the details here. To save you time, install the game via iOS and Android App Store provided by Reddit.

Of course, do not forget to stay tuned for more Pokemon GO updates.