Australians, Japanese, and those living in New Zealand were the first lucky people who got to play Pokemon GO. But the craze about this augmented-reality game spreads like wildfire in other countries. This time, Canadians will be able to catch ’em all in Vancouver. Here are some of the details about the game in Canada.

The newest Nintendo app has not been officially launched in the country, yet some of the residents are already able to play the game. And just like any other people, they could not contain their excitement by sharing their encounters online.

Catch some of the most notable encounters below:

Pokemon GO has created a major trend not just among the millennials, but of course to those who grew up watching the Japanese anime TV show. The highly-acclaimed series is lead by Ashton Ketchum and his quest to be a Pokemon master.

Well aside from that, who could resist his very cute Pokemon, Pikachu? But do not let its cuteness fool you because Pikachu has thunderbolt powers.

But more than the show, the young and young at heart also grew up playing Pokemon in almost all gaming platforms. It all started in our old Gameboy consoles.

Meanwhile, those who are still clueless about the new free to play mobile game must know the mechanics. Pokemon GO is an augmented-reality game which can be played via smartphone.

Those who want to download the game may go to the iOS and Android App Stores. After following some rules, you are ready to capture Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle.

Forums from Android Central revealed that there are no specific locations to catch rare or legendary Pokemon, but the secret is to keep on walking. There are other requirements aside from catching.

However, Hollywood Life notes that there would be times that a player would miss a catch. Players must perfect their catching skills by tossing the Pokeball when the green circle is at it’s smallest.

Players must take advantage of the Poke Stops. Here, players can buy items such as Pokeballs, to name one. Gamers might also want to join in battle gyms to obtain a higher level.

There will be more updates about the hit mobile game Pokemon GO so keep your fingers crossed.