Pokémon Go launched a week ago in select countries to the frustration of the rest of the world. Meanwhile, the mobile world of apps gave way to its new king.

Pokémon Go, which has melded the virtual Pokémons into reality, has made its way to more Android phones than Tinder. The app overtook Tinder a day after it launched in the US alone.

The augmented reality app did not only dominate in the download category. Pokémon Go app engagement also soared from the time it was downloaded. Findings showed that it surpassed Twitter’s user engagement by a large margin.

Its daily active users account for more than 60% of its app downloads. Its users are steadily climbing, and it does not show any signs of slowing down. As Niantic Labs is poised to roll it out to more countries in the coming days, the app’s statistics will increase.

With the app’s release, Nintendo also enjoyed a significant increase on the stock market. It experienced the highest increase in its stock valuation since the 1980s.

Since Niantic Labs limited the release to a few select countries, Australia included, Pokémon Go fans from other countries looked for places to download the files. Top site APK Mirror which hosts the Pokémon Go app files for free saw a surge in their visitors. From the normal 600,000 visitors, it ballooned to over 4 million on Pokémon Go app’s release.

Meanwhile, findings also showed that players used the app on an average of about 43 minutes everyday, Similar Web reports. This shows that the app engages more users than messengers like WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram and Snapchat.

However, this might not all be due to active playing. Since the Pokémon Go app requires active play, players need to always have the app open in order for any of the game’s features to function. Thus, for players to progress, a lot of time needs to be invested in the game.

Given that it posed a threat to their phone’s battery longevity, users came armed with powerbanks.

As Niantic Labs prepare to rollout to more countries like Japan, its augmented reality app will continue to dominate app charts.