“Pokemon GO” beta announced new updates particularly on changes in the evolution and training mechanics.

When the game ran online for beta testing in the United States, Australia and Japan, the game developer made some tweaks in the gameplay.

According to Inquisitr, although Nintendo announced banning beta testers who leak information about what’s in store for “Pokemon GO” gameplay, it seems details still found their way online.

The leaked information revealed new changes on how the evolution and training mechanics will take place. Capturing Ghastly, for example, in “Pokemon GO” will be time and place sensitive.

Taking Ghastly as an example,  the players are required to search only at night since this Pokemon is a ghost type and will only be captured in cemeteries, as well as creepy and dark places.

Another mechanic gamers could expect from “Pokemon GO” will be the ability to turn these Pokemons to Evolution shards, which can be used for evolving the same Pokemon.

They could also anticipate seeing “Candy,” which is a rare item throughout the rest of the Pokemon games.

If they saw this item during the in-game, they can raise the evolution up from the family ladder.

PC Advisor reported the possibility of “Pokemon GO” stealing spotlight in the coming E3 game exhibition next week.

They said that since Nintendo confirmed that there will be a Q & A session for the game, many of the avid “Pokemon” players expressed their excitement.

What makes things more interesting is aside from the confirmed Q4 release date for “Pokemon GO,” UK and New Zealand players would also have their chance to experience the launching.

Rumors stated that Nintendo also planned to have UK and New Zealand game releases for the free augmented-reality game that will be made available in Android and iPhone.

They also said that if they cannot attend the E3 event live, they can watch via Pokemon Go Live Stream, which will be held on June 15, 10am PT/1pm ET/ 6pm UK/ 7pm CET.

For Japan, they can do live streaming via NicoVideo.  There will also be a Pokemon Special the next day at 7am PT/10am ET/ 3pm UK/ 4pm CET.


Watch “Pokemon GO” beta gameplay below!