The Sydney Opera House is joining the Pokemon Go Australia craze, too!

The famous music hall Down Under is inviting all Pokemon lovers to play the game at the hall for two hours on Wednesday (July 20). The event’s organizers are also set to throw a party on the same day.

The event’s Facebook page stated that the organizers will pay to lure Pokemon to the Opera House for two hours on Monday. The event runs from 12 PM – 2 PM local time on July 20.

Thus far, 347 people have committed to attending the Pokemon Go party at the Opera House, while nearly 1,000 have said they are interested to join the fun. Just click “going” here if you want to be part of the event.

The Opera House, however, stressed that the event is not being held in association with Pokemon Go developer Niantic Labs or The Pokemon Company. Usually, places do pay to become sponsored Pokemon Go locations. However, this is not the case in the event sponsored by the Sydney Opera House, GameSpot noted.

Meanwhile, not all establishments are thrilled with having visitors playing Pokemon Go. The Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. for instance, asked people to stop playing the Pokemon Go during their visits.

The NSW Police reminded Pokemon Go Australia players who were glued to their phones while walking on the streets to keep their safety in mind, Sydney Morning Herald wrote. “We know you all love Pokemon Go, but please be careful. The middle of the road is not a safe place for pedestrians or budding Pokemon trainers,” the police department stated.

Pokemon Go was launched in the US last week and is now making waves in the UK and in Australia.

Pokemon Go Australia and New Zealand gamers recently encountered server problems while others complained about errors in connection. The Aussie gamers are blaming residents of the United Kingdom for allegedly playing too much of Nintendo’s latest game.