Gamers in Australia and New Zealand have been collecting and training Pokemon for a week now. Some players of Nintendo’s newest game have not been able to catch ’em all, though. Some Aussie fans have reported server problems. Others have complained about errors in connection. Some reportedly can’t even log into the game at all. Did players abroad really cause this whole mess? Did they really cause the server woes facing some Pokemon Go Australia users?

Gamers Down Under are among the lucky few who’ve been able to play the new Pokemon game since last week. Not all countries are equally as lucky. Most Pokemon fans still live in places where the game is currently unavailable. However, some of these fans have found ways to download and play the game despite Nintendo’s location restrictions. Did these methods really cause local connection problems?

Some Pokemon Go Australia players think so. According to The Guardian, a number of players abroad have figured out how to trick the game into thinking they’re from Australia. This method allowed some to access the game and bypass their local servers. However, it has also caused “overloads and outages” in Oz.

Gamers in Australia are blaming residents of the United Kingdom, in particular. “People in the UK need to stop playing and adding to the server problems,” one local gamer said on Twitter.

However, as The Guardian points out, Nintendo has not confirmed if this is really the reason behind all the current server problems in Australia. The company did pause the global game launch earlier, though. They blamed the “overwhelming demand” for the delay. Has the game’s popularity been causing server errors as well? No word as of yet to confirm this.

Pokemon Go Australia and New Zealand users are not alone, though. The augmented reality game also rolled out in United States last week. Meanwhile, other gamers might have to wait a little while longer for the game’s official global release. Nintendo is yet to confirm a definite launch date for their latest game. Stay tuned for updates.