Pokemon Go Australia is reportedly down at the moment. When users tried to log into the game, the message “Our servers are experiencing issues. Please come back later” pops up. And yes, numerous fans of the game are panicking.

Currently, the popular game is available at the US, New Zealand and Australia. Thus, users in different regions try different ways on how they can download the much-awaited game. However, this results into a big problem. While users try to hack into servers, this results to “server overloads and outages,” News.com.au reported.

“People in the UK need to stop playing and adding to the server problems,” one user posted on aussieoutages.com. A user named @EzmaeS said, “Having no service for pokemon go is stressing me out.”

While reports about Pokemon Go Australia being down are unconfirmed, News.com.au mentioned that there are more than 420 registered reports of problems as of 8:30 AM today.

Meanwhile, let’s look at some of the Australia brands who are now luring in customers thru “Pokemon Go” style of marketing. Check out the photos below:


Woolworths posted on their social media account about Pokemons found in some of their stores. The supermarket gave out “tips” on where to find and not to confuse some of their products with the Pokemons.

Pokemon Go AustraliaFacebook.com/woolworths


ME Bank

On the other hand, ME Bank posted a photo of one of their ATM machines. But there’s a caution before you withdraw your money. It says “When you have to withdraw some cash, but first have to catch a Meowth”.

Pokemon Go AustraliaFacebook.com/MEBankAU


KFC Australia

KFC wanted to ensure Pokemon Go Australia fans they are great companions when playing the game. All those walking is definitely tiring, ‘eh? A special shoutout to hungry trainers out there.


 Air New Zealand

Even before you fly to another country, you might just catch another Pokemon before the plane takes off.