While the launch of Pokemon Go on July 6 helped gamers have some fun after work, there is a Singapore-based Australian who lost his job because of the gaming app.

Singaporean property listing firm 99.Co terminated its consultant, Sonny Truyen, with immediate effect in the wake of a Facebook war he initiated. Although the Pokemon Go app was released worldwide, it was still unavailable in Singapore.

As a result, Truyen did not get a chance to enjoy the game. Out of his frustration and anger, the 99.Co consultant posted derogatory comments, which received a response from another fan. This prompted to a series of quarrelsome comments, which eventually compelled the company to sack its employee.

Following the comments, Netizens had to find out the consultant’s place of work. They expressed how angry they were. The company did not even waste a second and apologized to those who were hurt by its employee’s Facebook posts and comments. 99.Co attempted damage control measures to clean its suddenly damaged image.

The company’s blog has confirmed about receiving a report against Truyen relating to a series of derogatory comments on being unable to use Pokemon Go and play the game. The thread of Facebook comments has now been deleted but excerpts of it might be available in some forums, according to the 99.Co website. “We won’t be reposting it here because of its offensive nature as well as against our company philosophy to propagate hate,” the website stated.

99.Co’s CEO Darius Cheung took to Hardware Zone, a local forum, to announce the termination of the employee. It was the platform where a majority of netizens seemed to protest. “Sonny, an SEO specialist, has only started consulting for us for a week before the incident happened,” the website stated.

“We are a proud Singaporean company and do not condone such language or behavior, hence we have since terminated his engagement once the incident came to light.”

Furthermore, the company also released a complete letter of apology to let the netizens know they do not favor the use of such negative words and expressions.