Pokemon Go must be the biggest thing that happened to the young and young at heart this year. Now, Apple Watch users will have the opportunity to play the game as well.

Rumors circulating on the Internet claim that the release of the augmented reality game for the gadget has been cancelled. However, the latest update revealed otherwise. According to 9to5Mac, Niantic has been planning to shelf the release of Pokemon Go to such platform. The gaming firm announced its collaboration in September but after that, no updates have been posted about the plan.

As per the website, the project might be out before the year ends, but it seems that there is no progress to the project whatsoever. Hence, rumors spiraled that the company already ceased the plan, but a source from the outlet allegedly confirmed that the game for Apple Watch has not been postponed. However, both Apple and Niantic are still quiet about the release date.

Furthermore, the tech website noted that the gaming company would like to incorporate Pokemon Go to Apple Watch “to continue tempting users to regularly play the game. The popular game was released back in July. The game then became a smash hit among smartphone users. However, the interest of the public went down slowly.

On the other hand, a representative from Apple updated Gamespot. “We’ll have more news soon,” the source said. We still have to wait for more concrete details about the said news. Apart from Pokemon Go, another game called Pokemon Sun and Moon has already achieved success. According to a previous report, the release has broken records.

Nintendo released the game in U.K. in November. Thus far, it has been holding the most number of sales in the continent. Stay tuned for more news about Pokemon Go here at ANN.

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