It has only been a week since the new game launched. But a Pokemon Go accident has already taken place. A teenage girl from the United States nearly lost her life while playing the app. Is Nintendo’s newest game really more dangerous than it seems?

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality mobile game. It allows players to catch and train virtual Pokemon in gyms and Pokestops found in real-life landmarks. The game has proven to be quite engrossing. But can someone really die while playing it?

Autumn Diesroth almost did. According to WPXI, a local TV network in Pennsylvania, the fifteen year old was busy trying to catch Pokemon on the app last Tuesday when a car hit her at a busy intersection. Diesroth got several injuries in her collarbone and foot, as well as a number of cuts and bruises all over her body. Paramedics rushed her to a hospital nearby.

According to Diesroth’s mother, Tracy Nolan, last Tuesday was the first time she had played Pokemon Go. “She said, ‘Mom, I heard about this ‘Pokemon Go,’ and I want to play it. Give me your phone,’” she told the local news team.

Nolan also advised parents not to let their kids play the newest Pokemon app. “You don’t want to go through what I went through last night. I really thought I was losing my daughter,” she said. “No game is worth a child’s life.”

Diesroth isn’t the first young person to get into a pickle while playing Pokemon Go, though. Earlier this week, Michael Baker, a twenty-one year old from Oregon, was out looking for game items to collect earlier this week when he was stabbed.

How can you avoid getting into a Pokemon Go accident? The Pokemon Company International itself earlier reminded their game’s fans “to be aware of their surroundings… and to be safe and alert at all times.”