It’s time to welcome two new members in the popular  Pokemon Gameplay. Get ready to meet the two latest legendaries in the Pokémon universe, Solgaleo and Lunala. Here’s a first look of these two new entries.


Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon

While Pokémon Sun will feature Solgaleo, Lunala will star in Pokémon Moon. It seems the duo is going to kick the hell out of Popplio. If you are confused which version to play, then here is a help.  Solgaleo is a psychic/steel creature and Lunala is a psychic/ghost.  On November 18, both new Pokémon games will be released on 3DS.

Solgaleo, the lion-esque entity, will have Full Metal Body ability (which checks its stats being lowered) and will be equipped with a new move called Sunsteel Strike. On the other hand, Lunala will have the Shadow Shield ability (taking less damage from attacks from Pokemon with full HP) and will be powered with a new Moongeist Beam move. Both Sunsteel Strike and Moongeist Beam pay no heed to the capacity of the Pokemon they hit.

Check out the new trailer for both Legendary Characters:

As reported by Kotaku in Sun/Moon, the gamer will also have a Pokédex that’s inhabited by a Rotom, the ghost-like Pokémon that can possess objects and machinery and can speak to you. Thus, Rotom is another debuting feature.

According to The Pokemon Company,  “It does much more than record Pokémon info— it sparkles with its own personality. The Rotom Pokédex shows your current location and your next destination. It also gives you advice on where to go next based on the conversations you have with others! It’s likely to be of great help to you in many parts of your adventure.”

The website also launches a new feature. Sun and Moon will have a QR code scanner that allows players to register unseen Pokemon, adding a location marker for where they can be caught for your Pokedex, reports IGN

The new Pokémon games are expected to be released in Japan, North America and Australia on November 18, 2016, and in Europe on November 23, 2016.