Almost 25 students at a Brisbane school have suffered illness, with four of them taken to hospital after eating a poisonous lolly called Mystical Fire.

Deception Bay North School students consumed the lolly look-alike on Monday afternoon, which resulted in throat burning and nausea. At around 2:20 pm on Monday, paramedics were called to the school to provide immediate aid to the students suffering from sickness after the intake of the substance.

Queensland Ambulance confirmed that around 25 children were treated at the school. It confirmed later on that the Year 4 students consumed Mystical Fire, which was available in the camping stores nearby the school. The emergency services were called to the north of Brisbane as soon as the students were found indicating illness symptoms like nausea and that burning.

Mystical Fire is a corrosive powder which when added to flame changes its color. Swallowing it turns severely harmful. It looked like a “popping candy” and hence the students might have eaten it as suspected by Queensland Ambulance’s senior operations supervisor Peter Batt. He added that the children did not know the so-called candy would be life-threatening.

White Popping Candy

One of the parents told The Courier-Mail that their 10-year-old child said that he was offered a “white popping candy” outside the Brisbane school, which he believed to be the harmful chemical he consumed. The child confirmed that one of the senior students had offered him Mystical Fire.

“They said it looked like white popping candy in a sandwich bag,” the parent said. “He said there was no packet or label. He didn’t know the kid. They were wearing a black hoodie. He said he saw a friend have it and they fell down shaking.”

Among the four children who were rushed to hospitals, two were taken to Redcliffe Hospital while the other two went to Prince Charles Hospital. All of them were stable now, as reported by SBS Australia.