Viewers wanting to catch up with the Plumpton High Babies ABC show would have to wait longer as the network had to postpone at the last minute due to legal concerns.

ABC was about to telecast the follow-up to the award-winning documentary series, which came out over a decade ago. It documented the lives of pregnant teenagers who were part of the Young Mother’s program in Plumpton High School. Glenn Sargeant started the program. He did so in an attempt to help young girls who at the time already had babies and were clearly not attending school.

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Thus, he received the Order of Australia for his efforts to help teenage mothers get their education. The program ended with his retirement in 2004. Nonetheless, it made a mark on the lives of the teens who took part. The follow-up show would present three of the original eight participants.

An excerpt from the network’s publicity provides a sneak peek into what viewers would watch in the Plumpton High Babies ABC Show.

“It is only on returning to the complex realities of the girls’ lives today that we see how much they and their children have at stake. All now have more than one child dependent on them, and each is at a significant turning point,” quoted.

Sadly, it was a last-minute decision not to air the show yet. As it turns out, a legal matter came up and needed to be resolved first before it could premiere. The network failed to point out the specific issue involving the Plumpton High Babies ABC show. Nevertheless, the show’s director Aviva Ziegler remains hopeful viewers will still get to watch Plumpton High Babies Ten Years On.

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