Controversial former Auburn mayor Salim Mehajer has blamed the police for revengeful trapping of him through his wife’s filing of Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) against him.

Mehajer’s claim has come following his wife’s lodging of an AVO against him on Monday. Reports stated that she informed the law enforcement officials that she feared of violence from her husband. In conversation with regarding this matter, Mehajer said that police have plotted everything against him.

He said that nothing but “only death” can separate the couple. He claimed that it was not his wife but police who requested an AVO against him. The order, according to him, would not be effective unless it is filed by someone seeking protection. This is why the police were using Aysha’s name, the ex-mayor said.

“The police seem to have nothing better to do then follow our footsteps [sic],” he said. There have no public appearances made by the couple these days. The mayor, however, seemed sure that his marital bond will pass the test of time. While talking to the media outlet, he displayed a Facebook post with a picture of the couple, which he claimed was a recent one. “As mentioned before, only death will do us apart [sic],” he said, while looking at the photograph.

In the photo, Mehajer looked at his wife adoringly. “You put the smile on my face, the sparky in my eyes and the Love in my heart.” The former mayor consistently insisted that he and his wife were still together and there were no issues in their marriage.

If the reports are followed, Mehajer’s wife used her maiden name Aysha Learmonth to get the AVO issued. The mayor is all set to appear at the Sydney Court on Wednesday for the matter’s first hearing.

Despite reports of the split, Mehajer kept on updating his social media account with messages that denied all the claims of their separation. Salim Mehajer married Aysha in August 2015. It was a controversial marriage as the former mayor prompted shutting down of a street. It was an extravagant ceremony, which led to yet another controversy for the Auburn councilor.