If “Rocket League’s” ridiculous yet so good gameplay mechanics are right up your alley, then you’re probably looking at “RIGS: Mechanized Combat League” by now to further to help you get your fill of high-paced virtual reality gaming of epic and absurd proportions. If you’re already planning on getting one for yourself but you’re still on the fence if it’s still worth your money, here are five of the most important things you should know to help you make the jump on the PlayStation VR exclusive title.

1. First things first. Now that “RIGS: Mechanized Combat League” has your interest piqued, you may already be planning on buying it now. However, you’ll have to switch to Sony’s turf if you’re on the other side, but props to you if you already have a PlayStation 4 and you’re planning to get a PlayStation VR. That makes things a bit easier.

2. You’ll participate in the Mechanized Combat League in the game. It’s a futuristic sports league wherein you control giant mechs to face off against other athletic fighting machines in real world locations. Of course, you’ll also be able to play online to score more fun.

3. The game also features several modes that let you change your playing style at a push of a button. You can make your movements go faster, you can supercharge your attacks, and you can even do repairs on your mechs by yourself. Think of it as a feature that lets you strategise over real-time battlefield conditions.

4. “RIGS: Mechanized Combat League” was supposed to have a cool Titanfall-style ejection system that throws pilots sky high. The game developers behind it removed it because it would make people feel ill. However, the game director confirmed to Digital Spy that it has the feature after all.

5. Granted, the PlayStation VR isn’t as souped up as the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive. However, it looks like the game takes full advantage of the PlayStation VR’s capabilities. The graphics look simply gorgeous and the explosive action sequences look intense.