Last week, we reported that Sony sent out invites to its PlayStation VR-focused event. The Japanese tech giant will also set the event as the stage to unveil its highly anticipated hardware in its final consumer build. Now, it seems that speculations were right, and Sony did indeed detail its PlayStation VR for the world to see what it’s capable of, as well as how much it would cost.

The PlayStation VR headset will be released in October this year. It will retail for AU$536 (US$400), which would appear more expensive than the PlayStation 4 itself at AU$468 (US$349). What’s more, the suggested retail price for the virtual reality headset won’t include the Move controllers as well as the PlayStation Camera, which are both needed for the hardware to track positions and movements. Both devices are priced at AU$53 (US$40) and AU$80 (US$60), respectively.

In perspective, Oculus Rift is offering its hardware for AU$805 (US$600). On the other hand, HTC is pricing its Vive VR Headset for AU$1,073 (US$799), which comes off as more expensive than the Oculus Rift. For the Sony PlayStation VR to be a complete experience, users would have to dish out a total of AU$670 (US$500). That’s still actually cheaper as compared to the competition’s hardware.

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House also announced that there are over 230 developers that are building content for its virtual reality hardware, and it ranges from indie game developers to even larger studios from AAA publishers. The company expects that it will have more than 50 games available when the PlayStation VR launches in October 2016 to the end of the year. That’s actually plenty of titles at launch.

The Playroom VR, Sony’s very own Japan Studio, can also be downloaded free from the PS Store for all early adopters during launch. It even includes six titles designed for multiplayer use.