The Virtual Reality (VR) domain is beginning to heat up – Oculus Rift is already up for pre-order and a few other companies will soon be making their presence felt in the world of VR.

Sony with its PlayStation VR has already been creating headlines, even though no final date has been set for the offering to be launched. In the meantime, Sony’s CEO Kazuo Hirai, shared details with BBC about the progress the company is making in that area. He revealed that the developers are currently working on over 100 titles for the PlayStation VR platform. He added that there has been strong support from third-party developers.

A 100 titles appear to be a good number for a platform that hasn’t even forayed into the market yet. Naturally, these titles will be rolled out across a period of time after the PlayStation VR launches in regions across the globe. Fans can hope to see few choices of these titles probably arrive with the upcoming platform.

Ardent gamers may be eagerly looking forward to when the PlayStation VR makes an appearance on the gaming scene and as many may expect it won’t be landing anytime soon. According to a report on Android Headlines, a leak revealed the launch and pricing details on the product. The report mentions that the PlayStation VR had briefly appeared on the Amazon Canada website with a price tag of $1,125 CAD and a probable launch date of 31st December.

However, since Sony had already mentioned that the pricing of the PlayStation VR will be similar to that of the PS4 gaming console, fans can rest assured that they won’t have to shell out a large sum to get their hands on the offering. But the launch date and specs could be noteworthy but then again, it cannot be said whether 31st December launch would stand for all of North America or just Canada. Let’s wait and watch.