With virtual reality taking a full swing this year, developers and manufacturers of the hardware for the new trend are already ramping up their own products to compete with one another. Pre-orders have now opened for both the Oculus Rift and HTC’s Vive virtual reality headset, and it seems like Sony has finally joined in the fold as it now allows customers to pre-order the PlayStation VR for AU$524 (US$400) for the core model starting exactly 7 a.m. PST on March 29, 2016.

There are also pre-orders now for the PlayStation VR Launch Bundle with a price tag of AU$655 (US$500) that has already started today at exactly 10:00 a.m. ET. However, it seems that it has been received with much anticipation. Listings on Amazon, Target, and Walmart appear to have sold out in a matter of minutes. GameStop may still have some stocks available, but it will require an AU$131 (US$100) deposit. Best Buy is also taking pre-orders for the standard suggested retail price.

In detail, the PlayStation VR bundle comes with the VR headset itself, a PlayStation Camera, a pair of PlayStation Move controllers, and the PlayStation VR World collection. Both the PS Camera and the pair of PS Move controllers are required to fully experience the virtual reality on Sony’s platform, so it would make sense that gamers who want to jump in the virtual reality trade would go with the bundle.

If you weren’t lucky enough to grab the PlayStation VR bundle but you still want to experience virtual reality on the platform, Sony will still be offering the PlayStation VR. However, it’s not going to come with the inclusions necessary to savor the virtual reality experience on the PS4. It’s a lot cheaper than the bundled offering, and it seems to be a viable option if you already have the accessories to go with it.