Low budget on new PlayStation games? Fret not, as PlayStation Plus posted a complete list of free games for June 2016 on their official blog.

Ecumenical News reports that the games on the list feature 6 titles. Two free games are given to each of the latest PlaySation consoles: PS4, PS3, and the PS Vita.

To start off with the list, basketball fans can keep the hype up as “NBA2K16” is free this month for the PS4. As one of the most acclaimed sports titles, players may be able to play whether online or offline with a huge amount of content and gameplay for everyone.

Along with “NBA2K16” is “Gone Home: Console Edition”, also for the PS4. The game revolves around a character who comes home but finds it empty. It focuses on the story line and offers a lot of exploring. “Echochrome” and “Siren: Blood Curse” episodes 1-12 will both be available on the PS3 console as well.

“Echochrome” takes gamers back to the first black and white games and modernizes it with more effects while still keeping in tact puzzle mechanics. “Echochrome” will definitely make its gamers think. However, for those seeking action and adventure, “Siren: Blood Curse” is perfect for that kind of MMORPG with seven different characters in an HD environment.

Last but not the least, for the portable players out there, “God of War: Chains of Olympus” and “Little Deviants” will be up for download on the PS Vita.

“God of War: Chain of Olympus” will take players into Greek Mythology following Kratos who tries to escape the underworld  and claim redemption. Polar opposite of “God of War”, “Little Deviants” caters the younger audience making full use of the PS Vita functions such as the rear touch, rear camera, and microphone.

Gear Nuke details that these PlayStation Plus games are downloadable on their respective PlayStation consoles.