PlayStation Plus free games for July 2016 is just days away from being released. Reports surfaced that PS Plus games’ free list has already one title confirmed for July. “Kill Strain” will instead be a free-for-all PS4 players.

Ahead of its free launch, “Kill Strain” will debut on the PlayStation Plus. However, The Bitbag clarifies it is not part of the July free games list. The game is on Limited Access right now but San Diego Studios will release waves of invites from June 29 until July 3.

“For those players currently in the Limited Access we will be doing our final account wipe on 28th June to get ready for the new users and the live release; so expect some downtime that morning,” Zach Thomas of San Diego Studios announced.

Meanwhile, PS Plus members will be able to access Kill Strain a week earlier than others starting on July 12. For the others, a full version of the game will be available on July 19.

Kill Strain is a PvP game wherein the player can choose between being a human or a mutant. A player must either turn all humans into mutants, destroy the enemy’s base(human or mutant). The match also ends when one runs out of game time.

This game also gives the player a myriad of options. One can either help his side or the enemy and both moves may prove beneficial for the player.

Meanwhile, Christian Today notes The Evil Within is another likely candidate for the PS Plus free games list.

The Evil Within is a third-person classic psychological survival horror game. The game centers around Sebastian Castellanos while the player advances through the game by battling bosses using melee weapons, using stealth and picking up various items. However, there is no official word yet regarding The Evil Within’s inclusion on the PlayStation Plus free games list this July.

While the PlayStation Plus free games for July is yet to be unveiled, PlayStation players will at least have “Kill Strain” ready and available for them to play. That is at least starting July 12 for PlayStation Plus members.