The wait is finally over for fans looking forward to the details of the PlayStation Event 2016. Sony unveiled a few of their newest offerings. From the new PS4 Pro and the slimmer version of the console, we try to gather all the details.

The Verge offers a good list of the new things Sony revealed at the event. One of the things the website mentions pertains to the improvement of the standard PS4. The Verge relays that after a firmware update next week, PS4 will be equipped with high dynamic range (HDR) capability.

With this update, PS4 gamers are in for a gaming experience with brighter and more detailed images. Aside from owners of the original PS4, The Verge also reports that gamers on the PS4 Pro will also experience improved graphics.

PlayStation Event 2016 unveils two improved PS4s

Although improvements on the current PS4 are always welcome, the new PS4s introduced stole the show. President and Sony Interactive Entertainment Global CEO Andrew House explained the two products in detail.

With regard to the motive behind a slimmer PS4, House relayed the following statement on the PlayStation Blog:

“Our engineering and design teams collaborated to consolidate PS4’s high-performance technology into a smaller, more energy efficient form factor. When comparing the new PS4 model to the current model, we’ve reduced volume by 30 percent, weight by 16 percent, and power consumption by 28 percent.”

Nevertheless, House explains that only the physicality of this new PS4 changed. He relays that the console maintains “the same powerful components” of the original PS4. The sleeker PS4 becomes available on September 15 at a standard retail price of $299.99 USD.

On the other hand, the motive behind building the PS4 Pro lies on the company’s desire to offer innovation. According to House, the higher-end console “enhances PS4 games by supporting the latest in imaging technology through 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR)”.

The PS4 Pro becomes available on November 10 with a retail price of $399.99.

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