Ardent gamers across the world are expecting Sony to keep up with tradition. Many may be hoping that the tech giant in the near future would announce the PlayStation 5 as the company has been known to bring out a new PlayStation iteration in every 5-6 years. However, it appears that Sony may be taking things in a different direction as far the PS 5 is concerned.

There is no certainty on whether the PlayStation 5 will arrive since the company may be looking to revamp its strategy of releasing upgraded iterations after every 5-6 years. According to report on MCV, Oddworld creator Lorne Lanning in a recent interview revealed that Sony Studios head Shuhei Yoshida is uncertain whether there will be a Play Station 5. Lanning said:

“I interviewed Shu on stage at DICE 2015 and I asked Shu a question – I didn’t have time to ask it on stage but I asked him this at dinner a few nights before. I said ‘what does the PlayStation 5 look like?’ and he said ‘you mean if?’. And I was like ‘whoa, are you going to say that on the stage?’ and he goes ‘yeah, it’s an if’.

“He didn’t give me a clear answer but he’s hinting at needing to be more agile. None of us know what the future will really look like so how do we adapt to it faster? To me that’s the way he was thinking about it, which I think is the right way to think about it. The idea you’re going to release a piece of technology that lasts seven years into the future I think is less and less viable. It seems like a conflict.”

As noted by ScreenRant,  words that are doing the rounds about the PS4.5 (or PS4 Neo), it seems that the company may be revamping its strategy for launching an upgraded console every 5-6 years and may be looking at doing so every three years. This would probably depend on how the PS4.5 is received and with it how the company plans to proceed in the console business, given the ever-changing landscape.