Earlier this week, PlayStation 4 update has several features to the console that were previously announced by Sony. A few users on Reddit had discovered that few other things are also added in the system update.

The new update had brought social functions to the PlayStation 4. Now players would get notifications whenever certain friends appear online. It also allows creating events to invite those friends as well as other friends to specific gaming sessions.

Along with it, a new “Play Together” feature is also introduced that lets players see their friends playing certain games and join if they were interested. It also let us hide their online status from others.

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Users on Reddit have also found out that these new social features in PlayStation 4 had infused with other benefits. Users can now set a player limit for the join up for play sessions. Users can include two to eight players, notes Tech Times.

Apart from this, the update has brought several improvements to Live on the PlayStation menu. This allows for a search for videos, live streams and screen shots on their systems. In order to stay on top of the list, three games can be pinned up on their systems.

Another major feature which was announced were the Remote Play support for computers which is built on Windows 8.1 and OS 10.10.  The console owners also allow to play games from their PCs and DualShock controllers can also be used.

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Moreover, the update brought about the feature to schedule gameplay sessions with friends and included players’ shared activities can be seen as well as Dailymotion to Live from PlayStation.

However, the users on Reddit has reported several problems with the new update, which incorporates issues like, problems connecting to Remote Play on PCs, menus loading incorrectly and serious lag with Remote Play.

It is worth noting that Sony had earlier stated that players can inform any bugs they come across on the official PlayStation blog and feedback about the latest update are encouraged too.