There were reports about a new and powerful PlayStation 4 that can run games in 4K resolution. This claim was verified by Digital Foundry, which confirmed and verified that the rumors that appeared on March 18 was, in fact, real as the new console will be sporting a new GPU.

In a report by GameSpot, according to Digital Foundry, the Sony R&D team have the prototype and called it as PlayStation 4K. The new PlayStation 4 will have an improved graphics processing power. It was stated that the upgraded console will still not be able to run games in 4K resolution. However, despite not being able to handle 4K resolution, some feature were being added, such as the capability to play high-definition media and some aspects found in 4k gaming, like high dynamic range. But even with the added features, it still cannot run games at a higher resolution.

It was also stated that there were three possible paths for the planned upgraded PlayStation 4. One of them involves tweaks on the existing hardware for the console. The second one involves scaling the existing chip on the console and adding more features that allow some certain features in 4K gaming to run on the console and the final path is slimming down the console while giving it some boosted functionality.

There were talks about the PlayStation 4 getting an upgrade as Sony executive, Masayasu Ito hinted that the company might plan to have a high-power PS4 according to a previous report by GameSpot.

The same idea also came out with Microsoft, as Xbox head Phil Spencer once said that Microsoft is planning to have an upgradable Xbox console, which allows it to increase its performance for future games and still maintain its compatibility for its older games, and instead of replacing older consoles with newer ones.