The Playdead Inside game drops in three days on Steam. Before that happens, here are five reasons why you should check it out.

1. Psychological horror game that is beyond your imagination

The game starts with you playing as a boy in a red shirt left alone in the woods. Playing by instinct, the woods will naturally lead you to an industrialized setting where more horrors await you. Don’t let your imagination confine you to what creepy and disturbing details lie ahead. It’s much more than that.

2. Clever puzzles crafted for your satisfaction

Like Playdead’s first game, Limbo, Inside is also riddled with puzzles waiting for your wits to solve. You might think some puzzles are recurring. However, Playdead developers have used reinvention to catch you unaware every time. If you are scared of going back and forth in search of what you missed, Playdead Inside game has made sure players are never stuck that much in a puzzle. Though you can relish success in solving one puzzle, the next one is not so far away, allowing for a more fluid game play, The Telegraph notes.

3. A visual and aural overload with no script

Setting your gaming environment with ambient sounds and digital paintings that immerse you in the game, spend at least 4 hours in game with only numbers guiding you the entire time. If you are wondering how the Playdead Inside game can capture your attention for hours with only these, pick up a copy of the game and experience it yourself.

4. Death at every turning point

With a generous amount of checkpoints, Inside shares with Limbo a close relationship to death. As you are lured overtly or subtly into your own death, be prepared to suffer some minor setbacks due to it.

5. A game worth four or five more plays

Even if you’ve finished the game once, Inside will leave you wanting to explore more of the world. Though it has finite boundaries, the periphery is teeming with acts and scenes that you’d be hard pressed to play a second time just to get a second look. With hidden secrets and alternate endings, there is still so much to discover after your first ending.