Dani Mathers may have just made history as she becomes the first Playboy model fired over a naked pic. However, it is important to note that said picture was not of hers.

While on a gym session, Dani Mathers took a naked picture of a woman. She then posted it on Snapchat publicly without the woman’s permission. She further body-shamed said woman in her post saying “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either”.

The picture showed a woman standing naked in the L.A. Fitness gym locker room. She quickly gained the people’s ire in social media for the invasive and downright offensive snapchat.

L.A. Fitness itself was quick to act on it and had the Playboy model fired and banned not only from its local branch but from all L.A. Fitness branches nationwide. Aside from the gym ban, the 29-year old model may also face criminal charges after the gym reported the case to the cops.

On top of being banned from the gym, the Playboy model has also been suspended from her radio show. Despite being a mainstay for years, the Heidi and Frank radio show has decided to suspend her indefinitely for the offensive post. Playboy management has not released a comment on whether the Playboy model fired is welcome to pose for the magazine again.

Meanwhile, after realizing her mistake, Dani Mathers quickly deleted the Snapchat and posted a video asking for an apology. She claimed that she was still new to Snapchat. She further clarified that the post in question was a part of a conversation with her girlfriend. She said she unknowingly posted it as a public snap.

Dani said in her apology how the mistake made her realize how something silly in a private conversation can’t be unnecessary. She further said that she cannot undo the mistake but is asking for everyone’s forgiveness.

Despite the apology, some questioned Dani Mathers’ sincerity, DailyMail reports. Some slammed Dani’s actions and told her that she was not sorry for what she did. Rather, she posted the apology because people on social media caught her nasty behavior and slammed her actions.

While Dani Mathers has tried to reach out both to her Facebook and Twitter followers, it still unknown whether she has given the woman in the Snapchat post a personal apology.