A plane has hit turbulence while landing at Sydney Airport. Several passengers have been injured in the accident.

Paramedics’ experts were called on to the spot to treat severe injuries passengers. They also made sure there are no reports of fatalities. Several ambulances reported at the scene along with fire and rescue services to Bay 32 of the airport. The number of people suffering fatal injuries has not yet been confirmed. The reports have revealed that it was a Chinese Eastern Airlines plane that landed just before 3:00 pm local time.

A total of 30 people were on board when the accident took place. According to latest updates on Twitter, 10 passengers have been injured in the accident. No fatalities have been reported so far. No one was also taken to hospital. But official confirmation on the same is awaited.

An NSW Ambulance spokeswoman confirmed that 10 injured people were being treated at the scene. “The injuries include neck pain, bumps and scratches,” she added.

As far as the involvement of the law enforcement officials is concerned, police said that they were not required to attend the scene at the moment, the ABC stated.  Other injuries were minor as depicted from latest reports. “Emergency services are on site to treat a small number of injured passengers after a flight encountered turbulence upon landing,” Sydney Airport said on Twitter.