Peru’s Presidential Candidate could face “plagiarism” charges after verification with a university in Spain, according to Peru’s Electoral Committee.

Cesar Acuña, former governor and businessman was charged of copying the work in his 2009 doctoral thesis on education.

Cesar has denied the claims of his copying other’s work. “I deny the accusations and the attempt to use this matter to invalidate my candidacy.  All authors consulted for my work are included as bibliographic references.” he added.

The case was observed after Twitter users alleged that he is guilty of plagiarism.  He was accused of using published texts without attributions in his thesis.

“If they withdraw or invalidate his diploma or title, obviously that would mean falsehood…he would be removed (from the race) if it’s falsehood,” quoted Francisco Tavara, the president of Peru’s National Jury of Elections, in a report by Reuters.

On the basis of Twitterati, The Complutense University of Madrid is laying out investigation on his thesis.

Cesar is the front-man of three private universities, living by the campaign of “ good quality education”. He has also assured of improving education by putting 6 percent of the country’s gross domestic product into the educational system.

In the presidential race, Keiko Fujimori, daughter of jailed ex-president Alberto Fujimor, has a clear away after the elimination of Cesar. Keiko supports the poorer voters and look forward to cherish the faith of all as a good leader.

In the general election polls on April 10, all the candidates pledge for a strong backdrop of economy and aim to cut down the crime rate which mushroomed under President Ollanta Humala.

In order to avoid the second round of polls in June, Fujimori would need to have 50% of votes in her ballot.

According to an lpsos survey, Acuna has 13% support this month.

As per the constitutional limits, President Ollanta Humala will not be entitled for the general elections, according to a report by telesurtv.