Australian “funny girl” Rebel Wilson enjoys a four-day break at a hidden Malibu Ranch. Rejuvenating before the upcoming blockbuster “Pitch Perfect 3,”, the star was able to unwind and kick start a healthy regime while losing 8LBs.

According to E! Online, Wilson celebrated her completion of the retreat by posting to Instagram, “OMG just finished 4 fantastic days at #TheRanch4.0…so challenging but very rewarding. Not to mention I lost 8 pounds from marathon hiking over the 4 days!”

Wilson didn’t hit up the retreat to drop kilos for the upcoming “Pitch Perfect 3.” She, like many other A-listers, ventured to the retreat to recharge, unwind and focus on their bodies and souls for a few days. According to the site, other celebrities such as Mandy Moore, Selma Blair and Lea Michele shared the same idea as Wilson.

According to People, co-founder and CEO of The Ranch, Alex Glasscock says, “The idea behind The Ranch was to give people a place to unplug, unwind, reset and recalibrate from busy, crazy lives…It’s so effective because we have a no options program. We ask people to trust and let go, and put them through a really rigorous daily regime.”

“The sum total of eating healthy, low-calorie nutritious meals, coupled with rigorous exercise, massage and stretching, is you detox, your cholesterol levels are improved, you lose fat, gain muscle, and have this overall sense of empowerment, confidence and clarity when you leave,” he added. Don’t get too excited by the seducing ideas of workouts and massages— no caffeine, alcohol or cell phones are allowed on site.

Wilson, who wishes to kickstart a healthy lifestyle has never been shy about talking about her body. The size 18 actress admits that her shape helped her career when starting off in Hollywood.

“Being unique and different was a really good thing,” Wilson says. “When I walked into my agents office for the first time, they looked at me and said, Wow, we have nobody on our books that looks like you. And they signed me on my second day here…. Living in LA you learn a lot about health. I now drink green juices and I’m trying to do gluten-free. But I don’t do it 100 percent-I’m not a maniac!”