If found guilty, Pitch Perfect 3 star Rebel Wilson could end up paying close to AU $ 2 million due to a recent defamation lawsuit filed against her.

Last February, a certain journalist by the name of Elizabeth Wilson went to the home of Rebel Wilson’s grandmother. Apparently, she was looking for a story about the Australian actress.

This did not sit well with Rebel Wilson. Hence, she took to Twitter and blasted the journalist. Moreover, she posted her picture on the social media site for all to see. Her tweets about Elizabeth Wilson certainly earned the attention of her over 2.5 million followers. Consequently, they also took aim at the journalist.

At the time, News.com.au reached out to Elizabeth Wilson for a comment. However, the publication was told the editor took a leave owing to the controversy she found herself in.

Rebel Wilson targets the wrong journalist

As it turned out, the Pitch Perfect 3 star targeted the wrong journalist. Hence, the mistakenly accused journalist filed a case against her. The petitioner is a features editor of House and Garden magazine under the Bauer Media group.

The actual Elizabeth Wilson in question is a freelance reporter. Yet, she claimed Rebel’s grandmother was happy to talk about her granddaughter. Moreover, they had two telephone conversations after their initial meeting. Both reportedly pleasant.

Apparently, it took days for the editor to sort out the confusion brought on by the actress’ accusation. To date, the editor revealed Rebel Wilson has yet to apologize for the mix up. Then again, the actress did correct herself via Twitter a few hours after realizing the error. Moreover, the legal team hired by the Pitch Perfect 3 star would argue the limited number of Australian Twitter followers.

“low, despicable and worthless person [who] repeatedly harasses people,” was part of the claim filed by petitioner Elizabeth Wilson with the NSW Supreme Court.

Interestingly, the actress filed a case against Bauer Media in the Victorian Supreme Court previously. She claimed a series of articles published by the Media Group humiliated and embarrassed her. The magazines targeted by Rebel Wilson included Woman’s Day, The Australian Women’s Weekly, NW and OK Magazine.