Adele and actress Rebel Wilson to work together in “Pitch Perfect 3”? People tend to mistake the Australian actress for the British songstress. Nevertheless, would it be enough to convince audiences they are twins?

News of Rebel Wilson and the hitmaker together in a film circulated recently. However, their possible collaboration isn’t for “Pitch Perfect 3.”

The Daily Star wrote about a biopic of the singer where the film would highlight her rags to riches story. The news outlet mentioned Wilson’s interest in playing Adele. Known for her comedic roles, Wilson considers the role an opportunity to reveal herself as a serious actress. A friend of the Aussie actress explained why the role was important to her.

“She thinks that this role could be the making of her career and transform her into a major movie star,” Wilson’s friend revealed. “She knows that she can’t go on playing wacky fat girl roles forever,” her friend added.

Adele addressed rumours of about her alleged biopic. Her reaction to Rebel Wilson portraying her in the film was priceless. The singer & songwriter spoke about it at her London gig, MTV reported.

“I’ve heard there are rumours about Rebel Wilson will be playing me in a movie – let’s see if that turns out to be true,” the songstress said. “They need my f***ing permission. Just because I’m plus-sized doesn’t mean she’s playing me,” she added.

However, the Brit could possibly challenge Wilson as a comedienne. The singer is a funny girl herself. Her funniest reactions are often caught on camera.

Rebel Wilson took to social media for her response to Adele’s reaction. The “Pitch Perfect” star denied rumours about the role’s existence, Mail Online reported.

Surprisingly, fans are open to the possibility of Wilson as Adele. One fan’s tweet even compared it to the 2007 Bob Dylan biopic, “I’m Not There.”

A plan for a music film by Adele was the talk of the town early this year. It would supposedly follow the likes of Katy Perry’s “Part of Me” and One Direction’s “This is Us.”