Fire destroyed more than 100 vehicles in Pickles Auctions car yard at Milperra, Sydney.

At about 6 am emergency services are called to the Pickles Auctions car yard on Woorang Street. It was reported that a large blaze tore through the car auction yard. Fire investigators are still investigating the case.

NSW Fire and Rescue Superintendent Tom Cooper stated, “these cars were three stacks high. They’ve lost about 100 cars that have been destroyed and another 100 damaged by radiant heat.”

The neighbors witnessed thick black smoke blanketing the area and called 000 informing about it, reported The Daily Telegraph.

The Courier Mail stated that the staff at McDonalds, which is in the same vicinity, were serving breakfast when they saw the smoke.

One staff said that he had seen giant plumes of smoke but found nothing to worry about it. He also said that although, they could hear the sirens go past but could not see anything from the place where they were.

Superintendent Cooper confirmed that about 80 fighters struggled to extinguish the blaze and finally accomplished it at around 8:30 am.

He added, “there are a few bits still smoldering, and at this stage we’ve got one aerial appliance at work.”

An NSW police spokeswoman confirmed that there were no injuries.

However, motorists have been warned to avoid Woorang Street and adjutant areas as a safety measure by authorities.

Angela Conn from Pickles Auctions affirmed that 105 cars were totally destroyed by the fire. The ruined cars were mostly salvage vehicles and already damaged. she stated further that they would contact the vendors, whom they were going to sell the cars and inform about the incident.

Pickles Auctions started in 1964 and is a 50-year-old business. It specializes in valuing and selling off the council and corporate as well as ex-government vehicles. It has sold over 220,000 motor vehicles, trucks, pieces of machinery, and earth-moving equipment. Pickle Auctions claims to have a gross turnover exceeding $1.8 billion. It has more than 700 employees.