Pia Wurtzbach makeup tutorial video granted fans’ wish to finally know more about her beauty secrets. However, it seems Wurtzbach didn’t just give tips and secrets on her stunning look. Her tutorial video also gave some life lessons to viewers.

Below, we round up five lessons we got from her makeup tutorial:

1. “Less is more.”

While applying her primer, Wurtzbach emphasized such line. She further added, “If we put too much, it will become thick and cakey and we don’t want that”. We don’t really need to focus too much on more things. Sometimes, it’s even the little things that count.

2. Be gentle.

When using the foundation, Pia lightly used and dabbed the brush onto her face. She recommended to take extra care of your skin. In our lives, it’s always important to be gentle to ourselves and to others as well.

3. “Pain is temporary. Trophies are forever.”

She said this while reminding those who were afraid on putting the pencil on the lash lines. If we delve deeper in her statement, this line also reflects the kind of character that the Miss Universe 2015 has. Though she lost twice in past pageants of the Binibining Pilipinas, the Filipina beauty never quit. Eventually, she won the Miss Universe title – ending the 42-year drought in her home country.

4. Go Natural.

Despite numerous products she showed to viewers, she gave out tips and secrets for an makeup that’s perfect for an everyday look. Likewise, during the tutorial, Miss Universe 2015 sounded so natural – like she was just talking to a long-time friend. As always, the Filipina beauty didn’t feel awkward to show her fun, lighter side.

5. Don’t be afraid to show your real self.

Most celebrities nowadays refuse to reveal themselves sans makeup. But, the reigning beauty queen doesn’t care about what other people say and continues to be an inspiration to women around the globe.

Watch Pia Wurtzbach Makeup Tutorial Video below: