Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and Dr Mike have proven that they are indeed the sweetest couple right now after the doctor expressed interest in learning the Filipino language for her.

The two recently had an exchanged of messages on Twitter and it quashed rumours of their supposed split which stemmed from her cryptic Instagram post over the weekend which says: “Boy, I’m a prize, not a catch.”

On Tuesday, Wurtzbach clarified that everything is going well between her and Mikhail Varshavski, also known to many as “Dr Mike.” She said her Instagram post is not about their relationship, the Philippine Star wrote.

The post has since been deleted but before it was removed, her over two million followers speculated that the beauty queen is no longer going out with Dr Mike, Manila Coconut wrote.

The sweet exchanged of messages between the two began when 26-year-old beauty queen wrote:

She then wrote: “Hindi naintindihan ni kuya. Pa translate naman po sa kanya” and “Baka replayan ako ng Russian. Dibale may German at Bisaya pa akong baon.” To her surprise, the People magazine’s “Sexiest Doctor Alive” replied in Tagalog. Dr Mike wrote: “lahat ng bagay ay mabuti.”

Dr Mike then revealed that he is actually trying to learn the mother tongue of Wurtzbach, which impressed the beauty queen.

According to Philippine Star, Pia Wurtzbach replied: “@RealDoctorMike good to know you finally can spell our Philippines correctly” and @@RealDoctorMike oh and you finally know what our flag looks like!  congratulations the Filipinos love you now.” However, her posts were already deleted on Dr. Mike’s thread.

This is not the first time that the two shared some sweet messages and photos online. The two recently shared a helicopter ride around New York City.


The two have met at a charity event in New York in February. Dr Mike admitted in one interview that he is going out with the beauty queen. Pia Wurtzbach, on the other hand, initially refused to answer the question if she is dating the hot doctor. However, she eventually admitted in an interview with Filipino talk show host Boy Abunda that they had been dating for a couple of months now. Wurtzbach however stressed that being the Miss Universe 2015 will always be her priority.